Thursday, April 8, 2010

I MADE THIS & it was YUMMY!!!!!!

My least favorite thing to do is figure out what to make for dinner. It drives me nuts. Trying to find something that sounds good, my family will eat, won't take more than 45 min, that I might have a few of the ingredients on hand, and it may actually be good for us is like the most painful task on the planet.

But then I found her. The Pioneer Woman. I don't know what I'd do w/o her. I've made several of her meals and they aren't crazy hard to do and they really fill you up! PLUS - of course I would make a meal from a woman who takes photos of the ingredients. That specific ingredient really cought my eye. ;)  I love an excuse to go get a bottle of wine that isn't to calm the madness that is my life.

Anyhoo - you need to make this pasta primavera. It was super easy & super delish. It does call for lots of cream & half'n half. I opted for the cream and substituted the half for some of Charlie's 2% milk. It still tasted delish. It was also worth it to spring for the fresh basil & the baby porta bella mushrooms. Everyone ate it up. We have enough for dinner tonight. (and I can finish that bottle of wine!)


You can go to her website & get this recipe and all sorts of other fun things. Don't get me started about how fabulous she is, runs this blog/company, takes photographs & home-schools her children. We just won't go there because I really love her food too much.

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