Thursday, April 8, 2010


You would think spending money would be so much fun!!!! We are currently trying to update our kitchen and it's been quite the 1 step forward 5 steps back kind of thing. I'd posted earlier in the week about our sink and how we'd been patiently waiting on it so they could get moving on the countertops. Well, it FINALLY arrived. YIPPEE!!! But all this time, we hadn't heard a peep about our faucet. Hmmmmm....

I got a text from my mom (isn't she so savy!) to call her w/ details on the faucet last night. I knew what this meant. Mom said that they finally checked back and said the sink that I want won't even be in the warehouse until May 15. That's just the warehouse! UGH.......

Needless to say - I am headed to Lowes today to see what they have. Keep your fingers crossed that a beautiful bridge faucet in polished chrome is just sitting on the shelf waiting for me to come and buy it and take it home. (along w/ a soap dispenser, push button for the disposal, new disposal and a ceiling fan for Benson's room).

Here are a few BEFORE pics of our kitchen. And a few work in progress photos. And here we go again - 1 step forward, who knows how many steps back.

Don't ya just love the turquoise wall paper? And the lovely matching border on the ceiling?
Not to mention the faux countertops & butter yellow cabinets.

I have an amazing hubbin. He was really been hacking away at this kitchen. He peeled off all the wallpaper. Now we aimed at getting new countertops installed, painting the cabinets white (nightmare), and installing new faucet/disposal and a new light fixture. 


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