Friday, July 16, 2010


Seriously. It's been one of "those" weeks. Mostly due to a certain 3-yr-olds current state of mind.
Plus it's 90+ degrees. That never helps when it comes to sleeping.
We're ready for a wknd getaway to the mountains to cool off.

I did get out my sisters shower invitations! And sadly - didn't even send one to her? DUH - her name wasn't on the invite list. Poor bride, didn't even get invited to her own shower. I threw one in the mail. She's good.

AND... a friend thru some business cards on my desk. I'd designed them for her for her photography business. She's super doooper talented. You'd better book her fast b/c she is expecting her first 'lil bambino in September.

See if you recognize anyone on her site. ;)P

Or just scroll down....

Happy weekend, EVERYBODY!!!!!!

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