Friday, July 23, 2010

Destination - MEXICO

Oooohhh to have a wedding in Mexico. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Miss Katie is...and here is her tropical wedding invitation that we designed. The colors are so bright & cheery. Just like Miss Katie.

We used turquoise & poppy colors - and she choose a poppy colored envelope. You know you are about to find some fun inside that envelope! She is going to put return address label stickers on the outside and some fun wraps around to the back. I think that just adds a fun touch to a special invite.

Katie has her own business. Just Ask Katie! I think I could use her up about 100x a day! 

I just know she'd be happy to help you, too! You should email her @ right now.

Congratulations Katie & Brad! I wish you lots of happiness - especially in MEXICO!!!


Katie Beugg said...

You are too cute, Abby :) I can't tell you how HAPPY we are w/ how the invitations turned out- a true testament to your PURE GENIUS talent!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU for all of your help and patience. Our wedding invitation is DEF my most favorite to date!! (Can you say biased much? ;) And thank you so much for the biz shout-out...I do love me some organizin'!! :)

lowellandrew said...

I'll have to second Katie's comments! We couldn't be more excited about our wedding invitations...I've heard nothing but praise and astonishment from our invitees!