Friday, July 30, 2010

Adios Amigos!

It has occured to me that I never ever got pics up on here of Mr. Pink Hippo. SO RUDE OF ME!

Well...he's about to go on an adventure for a week. 

I had told myself that I would pack all week so that packing for a weeks vacation wouldn't be too overwhelming. Yeahhhhhhhh....still got some major packing to do. And it's all my sister's fault. She made me drink good wine & watch Project Runway.

I did manage to get my orders finished & out on the porch for pick-up!

And then I had to take a pic of my flower box. This flower box is purty colorful! I really hope they are as perky when we get back. Maybe a magic elf will water them.

We're outta here.
Gotta go help this boy turn 1.

Gotta get some sun & fun.


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