Friday, July 9, 2010

My current wish-list project:

I had this thought today....that I want to scavenge for a cool old buffet. Then I want to sand it, prime it & paint it so it looks like this one I saw @ Furbish Studio.

I found this one thru a blog I've stumbled upon called iswanee. It's kind of fun to see what she's doing in her store. Even if I'm 2,000 miles away! She offered to ship it. But I don't think I can afford the shipping right now - let alone the actual buffet. (We just signed up Charlie for preshool and are currently re-budgeting our life!) 

I think one of my cute friends in Denver should buy it. This way, I can come over & look at it. You should get the 2 green lamps, too. Awesome.

Sooo instead - I found a few on craigs list. But I'm sans a hubby this wknd to help me pick it up. One of these days I'll stumble upon the right one. I've got plenty to work on in the mean time. Aka - sanding kitchen cabinets & painting them. (yes - it's still not done!)

The second I win that lottery - I'm calling Furbish to ship to Denver ASAP. Until then... keep an eye out for a cool buffet for me. xoxoxo

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