Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!

I am just on cloud 9. I can't concentrate. It's a great day!!!

First off we had a great weekend filled with fishing & sailing & sun time with good friends. It's exhausting to run around after busy boys - but so worth it. Charlie & Avery have such a good time together and Sadie & Ben are just 2 peas in a pod.

Then I went to pinkberry last night. I went with a girlfriend and was actually excited that there was a line out the door because then I had more time to chat with her. They just opened one in Denver. You should get your booty there.

Today I can't even begin to concentrate on what I'm up to becaue I'm just so excited. I received TWO wonderful bits of info today. One being our friends 2 yr old little girl is coming home from the hospital after 3.5 months. HOORAY!!!!!! The other we'll just talk about later. (so don't bug me about it!) (ha) And the third is I have a new birth announcement that I am so honored to work on. I helped create her shower invites and she emailed to have me work on the announcement. That is just the ultimate compliment. THANK YOU!!!!!! FUN FUN FUN

I've gotta pull it together. Look at my todo list.

Lastly - at lunch - I scored big for Ben & Charlie on a quick thrift store run. FIVE BUCKS.

I really don't think this day could get much better. Oh -wait! My parents are bringing over dinner tonight. Done & Done.

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mrs chux said...

LOVE that pic of Benson. HA, are WE your good news?! :) :) :)