Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'm obsessing over a bed for Bensons room.
I love the Jenny Lind style beds. Charlie & Ben's crib is a Jenny Lind.

I found an awesome red (dark & subtle) jenny lind style twin bed @ an antique store at a great price. I haven't stopped thinking about it. I'm about to fly outta here on my lunch hour to see if it's still there. And to see if it's sturdy enough. AND if a standard twin mattress would fit in it.

This photo was in my inspiration folder. You can check it out & other works here. I'm not 100% sure but I believe Jessica Helgerson designed this room. Want to give credit where credit is DUE. I don't want it this bright red - but you get the idea. I think Benson would LOVE IT!

Wish me luck that it's still there!!!!

What do you do if your wondering if you should purchase something. Then find yourself thinking about it non-stop for a week? Is it a purchase? OR move on?


UPDATE: I found where I found this photo of the red bed & kiddo's room. Have you checked out IT's ADDICTING so becareful & don't blame me for hours lost exploring. They have several posts showing Jessica Helgerson's designs. They are wonderful & inspiring.

UPDATE 2: Thanks to some good friends who texted me YES! BUY IT! I up & bought it. I'll have to start up my Ben's room collage. I will be good & ready for turning his room into a toddler room in about 1 year. I'm giggling that I bought this before he even needs it. But you just never know when you are going to cross paths w/ these little gems. Plus, I feel a little good & green by being a little sustainable. Yay me.  And how cute it will look w/ some of these sheet from Garnet Hill?

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