Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mini-styling ;)

One day we'll redo our bathroom. Until then - I get to enjoy the pretty turquoise wallpaper. (*ahem - cough cough*) Since I'm in there everyday - I wanted to make the shelf look pretty.

I found this photo for inspiration on I can't remember which article it's from. It might be the one about Kate Spades Creative Directors house. (so cute)

Here's my shelf. I know - I know - I need a picture of Ben-ben.

I need to go to Anthropologie and get 2 more of these:

I couldn't find the exact one that I have - it's a tarantula. Charlie thinks the tarantulas are cool. Or maybe it is this butterfly? I'm senile.

And I plan to hang my necklaces below this shelf like this:

I found this pic on a new blog I discovered yesterday...Pure Style Home. It's a really fun blog to read thru. The entry that I found this photo in is deep in the archives. I had a little downtime yesterday. ;)

Soooo...I know it's just a shelf. And I know it's a bathroom that no one else but me goes in there. But planning this out made me happy. Esp. since I don't have a lot of time or money to do anything else but DREAM!

If I win the lottery this wknd.... the bathroom would look like this. Sorta.

I think a little splash of killer wallaper would be fun.

I can't remember where I found these bathroom pictures. I'M SORRY. Remember, I'm senile.

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