Monday, December 5, 2011

Minted Love

I feel like it's Christmas already!!! has launched their new gift tags & children's stationery. FUN FUN FUN because I was lucky enough to get a gift tag selected as well as 2 children's stationery designs. And to make matters even MORE exciting ...

I got a runner up in the WHIMSY catagory. ;)
I am just a happy camper about that!

Seriously - all the gift tag designs are just amazing - specially the real intricate designs. I wish I had the patience to design like that. Like my Jeff says - I'm great at starting a project (around the house) but not finishing it. NO PATIENCE. 

Here is a peek and link to the stationery.

Some crazy wonderful person has already up and ordered a set of the Mason Carey design. I just can't tell you how that just warms the old heart. *HEART* *HEART* *HEART*

I'm very grateful for for all it does to promote their designers. I am MOST grateful for the way that they handle their design contests. It fires up the creative sprit!!! Keeps the design-buzz going.
And there are tons of cool designers that help each other out, to boot! 
I know I sound like a commercial. But I think it's a great company.

Pink Hippo Prints is still cranking & cranking on our own designs. ;)
Even had my first official design purchased on! Thank you Mrs. Willman from Florida!!!! ;) Just WAIT til you see her card. It's ADORABLE! 


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