Monday, November 28, 2011


  We had lots to be thankful for and had a grand old time getting together to celebrate. We had a little soup/chili open house with some neighbors & good friends on Wednesday.

But you must be careful.
This is what happens when you let your 2 yr old stay up past 9.

THIS is what I call an AMAZING plate. VERY thankful for the smoked turkeys, the amazing duck, and the yummy sides my mom always makes. (see photo below of Ben and his reaction to the sweet potatoes)

Grammy Lu Lu flew in from CA. Charlie helped make the name plates (hand-turkeys) and he also helped remind us why we are all thankful. When we asked Charlie what he was thankful for, he paused to think and then said "I'm thankful that everyone is here together!" (*mama fainted - then walked over and gave him a giant SMOOCHA)

Apparently Ben is thankful for marshmallows. This is what he did when he realized how much he likes sweetpotatoes w/ melted marshmallows on top. (geezus he is silly!)

Charlie got ahold of the iPhone and took a few snaps. I liked this one because you can see "future cousin" in the striped belly. Next to the belly is Aunnnnnt Amy. (I am AAAAAnt Abby) and we are in the running for favorite AUNTIE to the new cousin. (aka - shim figgy)

Sooooo... after a wonderful day of giving thanks what does one do w/ a family that has been @ home together 3 days in a row???


Sweet Ben never moved from his seat - was mesmerized on the light rail to downtown.
Our goal was to see model trains @ Union Station but it was closed. 
So we went to lunch @ Wynkoop Brewery. Yummers. I have never seen a 2 year old eat so much mac n cheese & fruit in my life. PACKED it away. (I think you can see it in his cheeks)

While by the looks of this photo it seems that I may have had a rough few days at home but I promise I didn't ship Charlie off. He's still around.

One last thing.
What I am VERY thankful for...

my new favorite red.

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