Wednesday, October 19, 2011

San Francisco

I had the BEST WKND eating & drinking & playing in SF.

I never tire of seeing this bridge. Mr. Jeff proposed @ the Headlands 7 years ago. ;) We were right by a tree up there.... but apparently they are doing some renovations/construction and "our tree" is now gone. (wasn't indigenous??? then how'd it get there in the first place?) I haven't told Mr. Jeff yet. (sorry, babe, if you're reading this here!)

Sooo... onto the trip. You know you're old when the majority of your time was spent EATING. I actually planned out 75% of the meals/restaurants/places to hit for that perfect something.

My Mom and Aunt Ginger  planned a getaway weekend so that the cousins could get together for some fun. Aren't we fun?

Here's a little bit of where we went.

These things (above) were about the most amazing thing I've ever eaten for breakfast. I might even go so far as saying I think this for breakfast better than cake for breakfast. (gasp!) 
(photo credit:

Several blogs said this is what you need to eat while in SF. So we did. And it didn't disappoint. You have to divide and conquer. Seating was non-existant and not very accommodating to support the line for the pastries & bread that went out the door and down the block.

We tried about 4 things on the menu. All delish and amazing. But the best was the bun. Hands down. (I feel like I should say buns down)

We also ate at The Wayfare Tavern.
It's Tyler Florence's place in the Financial District. Our hotel was 2 blocks from the restaurant.
The food, the service, the table, the ambiance (and company) was amazing. (**make sure you make a reservation waaaay in advance)

Heirloom tomato salad - delish.

Look @ Tyler bringin' back the deviled egg. If everyone has a deviled egg from Wayfare - everyone would like them. They were scrumptious.

We also tried the fried chicken (yum), steak tartare (yum), and cauliflower soup (liquid butter delight).

I have his cookbook Tyler Florence Family Meal. It's great. Make the turkey meatloaf TONIGHT. 



Here are a few snaps of the farmers market. Oh the market! And the shops! And the food! I could have lived there for a few days. ( Could have just spend the night in the park w/ the Occupy Wallstreet Protesters. ;) )

Ah, man! That hand of mine.

Sisters & a 20 week cousin. 

OH the Dahlias. OH the colors!

So many more outings and stories. Will save for SF Part 2. 

One quick note. If you want to look up good restaurants, try out blogs. I read a ton. This one was super dooper helpful. Food spots galore!

AKA - how I found Tartine Bakery. 
Sure do want to go back for that sandwich @ the Sentinel.


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