Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pinterest. My latest addiction.

It's an amazing and totally addicting thing. 

You can scour the web and "pin" things to your customizable on-line bulletin board. It will link back to the original spot you found it on the web. So it also gets you to find cool blogs or sites you never knew about.

Above is my bedroom board. Hoping that once i pin a bunch of great photos the idea of our bedroom will come to life. Problem is, I just like so many things!!!!!!! 

And you can see what others and pinning and pint THOSE to your board. You get emails (if you want them) about who what pinned something you pinned. 

This is Lauren's board.
LERN! You need to get PINNING! ;) Hurry up! 

It's crazy fun.

Don't try it.

You'll get hooked.

But you should.


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