Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Wednesday

The week is flying.
Finally getting up photos from FATHERS DAY! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!! We had a great time up in Boulder. Not only did we celebrate the Dads but we assembled Sa-Sa's wedding invitations. soon as those are officially out - we can show you the BIG INVITE!

This is Andrew showing off his awesome calligraphy skillz. Don't worry - he only addressed the one to his brother.

In the meantime - here are a few shots from the weekend.
Enjoy these while I....


work on finishing up another wedding invitation.

work on finishing up some baby announcements.

work on some family stationery.

Jeff's Daddy present finally arrived....and here's a few new shots with ZOOM LENS. Luckily we have a few hams in the household that will help us try it out. And YES we know those pants are on backwards. Silly, silly you. Don't you know it's more fun to have the big picture of Spidey on the FRONT!?!?! (we'll do anything to make potty training go smoothly)


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