Tuesday, June 8, 2010

happy crazy busy

I think I fooled myself when I thought that things would slow down after the bachelorette party. HA! I am NOT complaining at all...it's just BUSY. The scary thing that I keep hearing from folks with children is that it just gets BUSIER!!!! I really can't let myself think too much about that. I might melt.

Sa-sa's invites went to the letterpress in Utah. It's the same shop that printed my wedding invitations 5 years ago. *sigh* They will be here on Wednesday. Of course we have more to finish up - but she can get going on addressing. GET READY SA-SA!

Robin's invites are almost complete. We are adding a little yellow insert @ the last minute. I think it's gonna add some fun color!

I have a beachy bridal invite coming & a cute little girl baby announcement in the works. I know you're excited to see those, too.

In the meantime... here are a few photos of whats been going on @ our casa. We had a great time planting flower in our flower box & Charlie had fun learning how an umbrella works.

Benson loves to find his toes. And he likes to play peek a boo!

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