Friday, June 3, 2011


I am a garage sale addict. I love them.

Looky what I found today!

Here's how the deal went down.

Charlie/Ben/Me driving around our neighborhood (the entire hood is having a sale). We are lookin' for trucks. I see this guy pull this bike out of one of those pod things in his front yard. (** SCREECH **) I pull to the curb. 

HI! How much for the bike? (try try try to remain calm, abby) 

Uh, um, oh, gosh (sounding annoyed) I dunno. (like he's annoyed he's having a sale) "Make me an offer." (heart pounding - thump thump thump) 

How do you come up w/a price on the spot like that????? Don't want to under price. Don't want to go overboard. I want the DEAL!!!!!!!!!!

"Hmmmm... (my best attempt at sounding casual), what about FIFTY BUCKS?" 

He said.........

S O L D!

We now have the cruiser I'd been lookin' for.


Thanks, Dad, for frontin' the cash. You'd think w/ my addiction to garage sales I'd be prepared w/ cash. But apparently, I'm not.


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Andrew Lowell said...

Sweet Ride! You and Sally have matching bikes guys can start a bike gang.