Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I really AM designing. In fact - I'm designing for 2 different contests, a friends wedding, another friends wedding, and my own personal stuff. NOT TO MENTION... that real job that goes 9-5 and then the OTHER REAL JOB that goes 24 hours a day. (that would be my family)

We had a tiny party @ our house for Charlie's official 4th. This picture just melts my heart.
Look at those eyes. 

This pic also makes me laugh. FORE!

Cman got this AWESOME shirt from Italy from his friend Sadie. He hasn't taken it off since and has demanded that I do laundry tonight so he can wear it. Again.

My summer goal - to take as many family pictures as we can. I seem to forget this and all our pics are of Ben or Charlie - which I love - but they might think they are orphans when they grow up. ;)

take 1

take 2

take 3! 

take 4!

take 5!

(see what I mean - gonna try this ALL SUMMER and hopefully get 1 shot!)

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mrs chux said...

I'll take your family picture, skinny legs :)