Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Borderline ridiculous

Thought this was funny... my current TO-DO list.

Didn't get TONS accomplished as Jeff was outta town sailing.
I hung out w/ these two goofballs.

We've had some great (and much needed) rain. They decided to
be prepared. Boots and all.

I am doing some dahlia research for a super dooper fun project.
Had no idea this is the official flower of Mexico.

If I had an extra 200 I'd buy this dress.

And these shoes.

But I don't. So I'll get working so that I can. Maybe. Not.

• Wrapping up one special wedding invite.
• Designing another special wedding invite.
• Working on a 4 & 40 party... stay tuned.
• Christmas cards
• Bday cards
• Can't forget the real job.

I could use about 24 more hours in the day. ;)

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