Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Wedding

I guess I didn't realize how HARD it would be to take photos of an actual wedding that you are actually in! Add to that the bride is your only sister and that makes it TRIPPLE hard.

Sally's photographer, Katie Thurmes, will deliver the goods. She just posted one to tease us today.

They are so darn talented over there @ Jenna Walker Photography. SHEESH! Makes me tear up lookin' at this pic. The bride & groom were just smiling the ENTIRE WEEKEND and this photo just sums it all up.


Here are some of our pics and some from our friends camera.

Walking down the Mother of the Bride
Best Man & MOH
Ring bearer & his escorts Jeff & Benson
Father of the bride & the pretty bride herself.

Those are from Miss Sabrina's camera. I don't have a single one from mine. ;( Looks like Sally is trying to make Andrew laugh - he got kinda teary. 

Ladies lunch well in Crested Butte. Espically w/ parasols.

Our party got crashed by a bunch of cute dudes on cruisers.

Somebody got ahold of my camera. ;)

We painted signs for the big day... they were eventually placed around the ceremony site trail.

What bride hasn't needed a quick sip before she heads out the door!

After the rain stopped the B&G cruised down main street.

I have never seen bigger smiles.

Oh- wait a minute. Here's a big smile trying to get me to let him play in all the puddles in his nice wedding outfit.
Ben fell asleep - but we still had to try & take a family photo.

I nominate this picture for The Brownlee's 2010 Christmas card.

The only shot I think we took of the 2 of us all weeknd. I'm a lucky sister.

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